Sunday, June 5, 2011

When Life Began to Dance

When life began to dance and tell the names of me and you
Heaven was met at the threshold of blessings
A waterfall of souls beat an eternal tune that was given
On the beautiful eve of our love's confession

A seed began growing as a reminder of passion's flame
Thankful incense smiled, quietly burned
Our line of sight passed into a mist filled with love
Few have ever felt, but for, deeply yearn

Into the air shapes of thought became as tender voices
Deeply settling into our hearts forevermore
They whispered into the dance of life with a pleasure
That sweetly opened the reasons we are for

Whirls of wonder welcomed a constant round of forever
The stars knew our hands must be joined
And we were led to sing the verses of a lovely song
A melody, only heaven could have coined

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