Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Wilderness of Freedom

Slide your feelings into mine, under the fire I breathe
Embracing all the highs and lows, you behold
Keep me safe and warm from the winds that blow
Around moments when this heart forgets
You are a gift much too precious
To ever let go

Allow the wilderness of your soul to run with mine
Loving the taste of our own freedom
Upon life's stage, we will explore our inner depths
Together collecting pieces to fill spaces
On the elusive silver screen
Of knowing wisdom

Come return kisses of light from a passionate moon
With the radiance of our hearts' desire
Slide your feelings into mine, my precious gift
Hold me when the winds come knocking
To take the eternal flame I breathe
From my air's fire

Slide your feelings into mine, here together endlessly
Embracing the differences, we behold
With an understanding, that keeps both our hearts
Ever mindful that our love is a precious gift
Running in a wilderness of freedom
Within our souls

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