Sunday, June 5, 2011

Stirred Watching What I Cannot Name

Folded waves savor what now humbles my soul
Last night hangs overhead
The birth of time is felt on my bare arms
I shiver in a paradise of crimson red

Still water has no name beyond my thoughts
All of my wishes are buried in rooms
Unheard guests that sleep on my horizon
Once howled at the silvery moon

All night I have watched what I cannot name
In a garden where soil conceals
What is suddenly blooming only half there
Surface loosens, breath revealed

The issue of days has now salted my fire
Marked its initials on my face
As tracks of tears I wept for blooms
No longer in this place

Still, a beautiful song lies within my sight
Sings the desire of my soul
Stirred watching what I cannot name
Inside of waves that fold

Garden soil delivers and my soul is humbled
Though weary and down trodden
Blooms return within the folded waves
I see what I've forgotten

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