Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hold Me Against the Fences of Fate

Come and bend my state of mind
Wind round me if you must
The night is pretty
With unnumbered stars
And I am mellow, with my wounds
Here in your trust

Gently touch my cheek
Hold me against the fences of fate
Winter winds are nothing to me my friend
It is life that harbors
That trumpet, which I must learn
To play once again

Be the sunrise of many years ago
Within this precious time
Raise me up to where grace's garden
Will weigh much more
Than this wild jungle that rages
Inside of my mind

Then surely the whisper of my pen
Will reach the depths
To prove, that I am the woman
Who speaks the language
That can only be interpreted
Here inside of you

Drink my rain that kisses your heaven
Drops only you can see
Draw in each breath from my own
Dance with me now
Until out of my heart, my taste
For freedom, is gone

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