Wednesday, February 29, 2012



MY FAVORITE POLISH BRANDS: Essie~ O.P.I ~ Zoya ~ China Glaze

I've been going a little crazy trying new nail colors and designs. I find it so easy doing it myself! Plus, doesn't hurt that it's also less costly. Just make sure you keep your nail polishes sealed tightly, so they don't dry to quickly. If you're loving the glitter look, you can buy your favorite color or shape at a Michael's Arts & Crafts store. If you apply it to your nails and finish it off with a clear polish, you'll have perfect nails for this spring and summer! 
Here are a few pictures I've found on If you haven't used pinterest before, I highly recommend it. It's awesome for finding pictures for just about anything. I am currently on the hunt for a metal or silver nail polish color and a beautiful emerald nail polish like the one below!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Power of Black and White Photography

By Mario Testino

By Herb Ritts

By Slam Bitt

By Ben Hassett

Found in Vogue

By F.C Gundlach

By F.C Gundlach

By Joel Tjintjelaar

By Joel Tjintjelaar

Found in Vogue Paris

By Angel Giles

By Arthur Elgort

Found in Vogue

By Rafal Maleszyk

By Michele Clement

By Lawrence Hislop

By James Maher

By Jatin Kampani

By Rakjovic

By Richard Avedon

Found in Vogue