Sunday, June 5, 2011

Knowing the Yearning

How can we express the years when the daisies tickled our toes
Knowing the yearning we felt as children is unknown
From time to time, we are numb to our freedom
Crossing bridges that hush our fever none whatsoever
Until our lives are up and gone

The longer we have been fashioned to hear a cry in a voice
Then even more do our memories serve us right
Now here I am finding that special place
Where we are pulled as missing pieces of a puzzle
To fit in one more passing night

I have said that I sing a gentle lullaby to escape the confusion
Found on the upturned face of the warmest feelings
Taught my soul not to be the cause of trouble
When in the midst of a battlefield time becomes a prison
Where you will find me kneeling

What does a whisper matter when it bravely promenades
Under the piercing light of the brightest sun
Someone said if they knew why we observe so little
They would know why we have chosen now
To express the years undone

The strongest mind I am told cannot hold its breath for very long
Therefore, we must say farewell, retreat from the past
We are left to express the years when daisies tickled our toes
Upon the pages hung on the walls of time's prison
Missing pieces of our puzzle found at last

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