Thursday, January 5, 2012


Gold & Black Nails give such a luxurious look and feel. I'm LOVING the new matte nail polishes combined with regular gloss nail polish. I usually like to keep my nails one color, but it's so much fun and definitely trendy to mix it up with different tribal or edgy patterns!


Le Smoking Manicure Couture, nail polish duo that comprises classic black nail polish color in 2 variations, matte and glossy.


Laque Brillance Extreme, Practicality takes on a new poise – and polish – safeguarding nails against chipping. CHANEL maximizes the manicure with a new base coat and top coat that work in tandem to strengthen and protect, while reducing the appearance of white spots.

- LOOK at these amazing Chanel inspired nail look! 
Combined with these three colors it looks bold&sophisticated.


Christian Dior Vernis Nail Polish City of Gold No. 668, Christian Dior Vernis Nail Polish isa long-lasting, chip-resistant formula that goes on silky smooth. Vibrant color puts a tantalizing touch on finger tips and toes.


OPI Black Onyx, professional quality nail polish and is very strong and durable. OPI Nail Polish works wonders on either natural fingernails or acrylic nails.

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